About Mahar Devi Co.,Ltd

MHDV Company established in 2010 provides the service as the Sole Distributor and Marketing Group of

renowned Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Companies. With the purpose of not only launching the new products

on the local market, but also supporting the Public Heath Care service, the MHDV Company is comprised of

nearly 20 years work experienced supervisors along with well-trained marketing team.
Strengthening the relationship based on trust between the customers and the service providers,

we brighten the glory of our image.


By using confidently high quality, England (Original) Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals,

for possessing happy & healthy life (well-being), Mahar Devi Co., Ltd is distributing with best services.



The Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals which are distributed by Mahar Devi Co., Ltd are

No.1 the most reliable for every families.


Core Values

          We have –

  1. Good character
  2. Continuous learning
  3. Self-confidence
  4. 100% responsibility.
  5. Mutual respect
  6. Team work.


Address : No.LB-B7 (5), Moe Makha Street, Malikha Housing, Thingangyun, Yangon, Myanmar.

Phone    : 09-761600005

Mail        : info@mahardevi-mm.com